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Resources for Parents

This page contains information that may be useful to parents as they learn to understand the technology their students are using in school and at home.


Engaging Parents in School
This blog contains information about parent involvement in schools.
Google Family Safety Center
This site contains tools, advice, and resources to support parents.
PBS Parents
This site includes resources and ideas on a variety of topics, including the use technology.
Tech Support Care Package
The site, sponsored by Google, is a form that generates a customized technology tutorial that send through email. The tutorials are short videos on a variety of technology topics.
This site includes tips and advice for parents on a variety of technology topics.
A Parent's Guide to facebook
This page includes a link to a PDF document with information about safely using facebook.

Please help me make this site better. Send me your favorite technology resources to share with the rest of the building through this web site. You can send me attachments or links at