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Technology Resources for Educators

This site is a collection of some of the best grade-appropriate educational technology resources I have found while completing graduate classes and reading educational blogs. I have created this site to share these blogs, web sites, and activities with the faculty of Fire Prairie Middle School; I want this to be a useful resource for implementing technology across the building.

Resources are grouped in the following areas:

SMART Board Resources
This page contains links to sites with pre-made Note Book files, sites with ideas and techniques to use your whiteboard, and a few blogs that focus on interactive whiteboards.
Interactive Activities
This section contains pages devoted to communication arts and math activities.
Digital Citizenship
This page contains links to resources focusing on cyberethics, copyright, and online safety.
Collaborating with Other Educators
This section contains pages that focus on personal learning networks, education blogs, and using RSS readers to access blogs.
Resources for Parents
This page contains information that may be useful to parents as they learn to understand the technology their students are using in school and at home.

Please help me make this site better. Send me your favorite technology resources to share with the rest of the building through this web site. You can send me attachments or links at