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SMART Board Resources

This page contains links to sites with pre-made Notebook files, sites with ideas and techniques to use your whiteboard, and a few blogs that focus on interactive whiteboards.

Notebook Files

SMART Board Exchange
This site, hosted by SMART Technologies, is a collection of Notebook files contributed by educators. All content areas are represented and you can submit your original Notebook Files to be shared with others.
Educator Resource Center
This is another site that contains Notebook files categorized by content area.

Ideas, Tips, and Techniques

Get Students to Interact with Your SMART Board
This is a blog posting with a few ideas to promote student interaction with your whiteboard.
SMART Board Video Tutorials
This site contains short tutorials focusing on using a SMART Board and Notebook Software

SMART Board Blogs

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The Whiteboard Blog
This regularly-updated blog contains a variety of tips and ideas.
Teaching with SMART Board
This blog contains more ideas and tips.
SMART Board Goodies
This blog is another source of ideas and resources for your SMART Board

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